About NitroAccelerator

Improve SQL Server network performance.

NitroAccelerator helps you achieve significant performance gains for SQL Server applications on the network while reducing network congestion, enabling you to defer costly network bandwidth upgrades. Ensure the highest level of security for SQL Server transactions using the latest encryption techniques. Improve performance, reduce cost and secure your data in minutes with no configuration required.

NitroAccelerator accelerates and secures SQL Server network traffic with advanced technologies to multiply throughput and secure your data. It gives you the SQL Server network performance that you need, where you need it. No configuration is required so it starts working immediately after an easy installation on each endpoint. With built-in encryption, you know your data will be safe on the network.

Features include:

  • Adaptive packet compression dynamically adjusts TCP packet size based on the data.
  • HyperCacheTM technology by Hypernium provides substantial performance benefits by minimizing the transfer of data between endpoints.
  • Intelligent protocol detection enables compression of non-native TDS implementations like Java applications.
  • Encryption secures network traffic between endpoints.

Realize the following Benefits:

  • Instantly resolve SQL Server network performance problems.
  • Dramatically improve response time.
  • Secure data between endpoints.
  • Pay for what you need by using it only where you need it.
  • Software-only solution is easily deployed and updated.
  • No professional services ever required.
  • Save money by deferring LAN/WAN upgrades including adding WAN appliances.
  • No need to anticipate future network capacity.