About OpenPGP Library for .NET

Build encryption into your applications.

OpenPGP Library for .NET includes methods for OpenPGP encryption, decryption, clear signing, one pass sign and encrypt, decrypt and verify, key generation, supports both key store and keys located in files. Entirely written in managed code, there are no external third party dependencies. OpenPGP Library decrypts and encrypts files that can be opened with the following software; PGP ®, PGP ® Universal Server, McAfee E-Business Server, GnuPG (gpg), WinPT and Articsoft FileAssurity.

OpenPGP Library for .NET

  • NET OpenPGP library, 100% managed code.
  • User-friendly API in few lines of code.
  • OpenPGP and GnuPG compatible.
  • Royalty free distribution.

Some of the features provided by OpenPGP are:

  • Encrypt and decrypt files
  • Digitally sign and verify signatures
  • Asymmetric encryption with pairs of public and private keys, creates random session keys, uses them to encrypt files with a symmetric algorithm, and adds the session key encrypted with the recipient public key
  • The encrypted files can be either in binary format or ASCII text (called ASCII armored) format
  • Keeps private keys encrypted
  • Signs third party public keys
  • The encrypted file can be compressed (ZIP, ZLib, BZip2)

The most widely used file name extensions for public key files are: .pkr, .asc, .pubkr, .pgpkey

The most widely used file name extensions for private key files are: .skr, .asc, .seckr, .pgpkey

The most widely used file name extensions for encrypted files are: .pgp (binary format), .asc (ASCII armored format)

Main functions

  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt
  • Sign
  • Verify
  • Sign and Encrypt
  • Decrypt and Verify
  • Clear sign

Functions related to OpenPGP keys

  • KeyStore basics
  • Generate RSA keys
  • Generate DH/DSS keys
  • Export from a KeyStore
  • Import into a KeyStore
  • Change key password
  • Delete key

Advanced Features

  • Set preferred cypher (symmetric key algorithm)
  • Set preferred compression
  • Set preferred hashing
  • Encrypt with additional password