DidiSoft OraSFTP is a PL/SQL package (ORA_SFTP) providing SFTP client side communication functionality for the Oracle Database platform version 11 and 12. The package provides Oracle PL/SQL functions for SFTP client side communication. The standard SFTP functionality upload, download, list files, manage remote directories, etc., are available. Supports PuTTY, OpenSSH and ssh.com type of keys with algorithms RSA, DSA, ECDSA.

Latest News

OraSFTP 1.3.1
OraSFTP 1.3.1
Includes new ORA_SFTP_FILE - Object structure containing File properties (FileName, FileSize, FileTime, FileType).
OraSFTP v1.2.12
OraSFTP v1.2.12
Adds support for Encrypted Private Key format.
OraSFTP v1.2.11
OraSFTP v1.2.11
SFTP for Oracle PL/SQL.

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The product is licensed per server machine or for a whole Enterprise (unlimited number of servers).

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