Ozcode Visual Studio Extension - Enterprise Edition Releases

Released: Jan 27, 2020

Updates in v4.0.0.2029


  • Performance in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Issue with TracePoints in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Issue with Heads-up display.
  • Issue with Search feature in Visual Studio 2017.

Released: Nov 10, 2019

Updates in v4.0.0.1632


  • Improved OzCode installation and startup performance.
  • Fixed tracepoints feature compatibility with VS 2019 (versions 16.2 and higher).

Released: Oct 23, 2019

Updates in v4.0.0.1543


  • Added "repeat last search" functionality for QuickAttach feature.
  • Improved Time Travel feature, performance time and properties.


  • LINQ data-tip window appearance in over 3 screens.

Released: Jun 30, 2019

Updates in v4.0.0.822


  • Improved DataTip (tooltip) behaviour on hover.


  • Issue where OzCode is 'Unable to cast object'.
  • Issues with logging in to OzCode in Visual Studio.

Released: Apr 1, 2019

Updates in v4


  • Time Travel Debugging - Enables developers to test and predict how their code will execute, traveling across loop iterations and code branches, in order to pinpoint the exact moment of failure without affecting the program’s state.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • Collaborative debugging.