About PayPal Integrator .NET Edition

Build fully-integrated e-commerce solutions that access PayPal merchant services.

PayPal Integrator includes easy-to-use components for PayPal integration including merchant account management and payment automation. Verify customer information, search transactions, make mass payments, issue refunds, and more. Developers can use PayPal merchant services to integrate real-time account management and payment processing capabilities into any software solution.

PayPal Integrator Features

  • PayPal Account Management - Components for searching transactions, making mass payments, issuing refunds, and much more.
  • Build fully-integrated solutions - Easily integrate with online shopping carts, standalone applications, or custom software solutions.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing - Process transaction without sending customers to the PayPal site, and without requiring customers have a PayPal account.
  • Uniform & Extensible Design - Very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive, and extensible design. Common component interfaces across platforms & technologies.
  • Other Features - Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully-indexed help files, Royalty free licensing, and more.

PayPal Integrator Highlights

  • Direct Payment Support - Process credit cards via PayPal without sending customers to the PayPal site, and without requiring customers have a PayPal account.
  • Programmatic access to all major merchant services exposed by PayPal.
  • Easy-to-use API encapsulates all protocol logic and security for accessing PayPal merchant services.
  • Seamless transition from testing with the PayPal sandbox to live account management and processing.
  • 128-bit strong SSL encryption keeps sensitive transaction information confidential.
  • Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries.
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and component technologies.
  • Unlimited free Email technical support backed by an experienced & professional staff.

PayPal Integrator Components

  • AddressVerify - Verifies that a customer's address is a confirmed address. Matches the shipping address given to the address stored in that customer's PayPal account.
  • DirectPayment - Use your PayPal account as a gateway for processing credit card transactions. Buyers no longer need to have a PayPal account. Requires PayPal Business account to accept direct payments, and you must apply to have "Website Payments Pro" activated on your account.
  • ExpressCheckout - Offers seamless PayPal payment processing integration and increased control over order management.
  • IPN - Used to validate an Instant Payment Notification, to make sure it is not fraudulent and was actually sent by PayPal.
  • MassPay - Easily pay multiple accounts with a single transaction. Supports sending differing amounts to each account, and multiple currencies.
  • ReAuthCapture - Void, Capture, and ReAuthorize transactions made by the DirectPayment and ExpressCheckout components.
  • RefundTransaction - Component allows developers to programmatically make full or partial refunds for previous payments.
  • TransactionDetails - Gets transaction details about a single transaction.
  • TransactionSearch - Searches PayPal transaction history based on date range and wildcard matching.