PDFlib improves Compatibility

August 02, 2013

Updates in 9.0.1

  • Additional lookup types for OpenType font features, especially for script fonts with connected glyphs.
  • Modified treatment of H7 headings in PDF/UA files according to PDF/UA-1 Technical Implementation Guide 1.1.
  • Massive time and file size improvements for linearizing PDF/VT files.
  • Various tweaks in SVG processing, especially for scaling, clipping and size calculations.
  • Added support for PHP 5.5 on HP-UX, Perl 5.8 and 5.18, REALbasic/Xojo and Ruby 2.0.
  • Enhanced XMP parsing to accept rare syntax flavors and facilitate creation of the ZUGFeRD invoice standard.
  • Enhancements for PDF/A-3 attachments.
  • Fixed wrong handling of text for interactive PDF features on EBCDIC systems.
  • Improved handling of very large TIFF images on 32-bit systems.