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Add complex PDF creation functionality to your applications.

PDFTechLib PDF Core Library is a .NET class library used to create and edit PDF documents. The library does not require the use of third-party products and is not a print driver. You can create stylish PDF documents with just a few lines of code. You will be able to fill PDF e-forms, merge and split PDF documents, add barcodes and create your own PDF reports and documents. With no extra effort, you will be able to create PDF documents that are ISO 19005: PDF/A (PDF/A-1b : 2005) compliant, the new standard in long term archiving of electronic documents. The library is written in 100% C# managed code allowing you to develop royalty free server-side or desktop applications with great ease...

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  • .NET Class

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PDFTechLib patched to V1.7.37
PDFTechLib patched to V1.7.37


Very Satisfied
I just wanted to echo the great reviews already posted. This product is very robust but when I needed it to do something that it wasn't specifically designed for I was able to describe what I needed to the developer and got the changes made that I requested. Excellent service!
I was looking for a long time for a technology that could manipulate PDF (split, merge, extract text), convert to PDF/A and add a signature. Now, I have it ! During the weeks I worked with the evaluation version of the library, I had to ask some questions to the support team. His reactivity is fantastic.
United Kingdom
I have just incorporated PDFTechLib into one of our projects. We are using it primarily to modify existing PDFs which come in from customers, including adding new text, images, lines, boxes and barcodes. In order to decide how to process each PDF, we're extracting the text from the original PDF to see what it contains.
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