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Using PDFRender4Net in a web servce. lom200 [Russia] 06-Mar-2013 11:39:24

O2S.Components.PDFRender4NET.WPF.dll from pdfview4net430wpfsl.msi

We need to print pdf into images in a web servce.

Unit test session works fine:
var pageImage = file.GetPageImage(i, dpi, dpi, PDFOutputImageFormat.PNG);

Web service throws a ZamplParseException: 'The invocation of the constructor on type 'System.Windows.Controls.Canvas' ...
Inner Exception is "The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this."

Wrap it in STA. We get Out of memory exeption on this line : var pageImage = file.GetPageImage(i, dpi, dpi, PDFOutputImageFormat.PNG);

System.Threading.Thread thread = new System.Threading.Thread(new System.Threading.ThreadStart(delegate
for (int i = 0; i < file.PageCount; i++)

var pageImage = file.GetPageImage(i, dpi, dpi, PDFOutputImageFormat.PNG);

var img = new Bitmap(pageImage);
img.Save(string.Format(outputDirectory + "\\image{0}.png", i.ToString("D4")), ImageFormat.Png);


How do we make it work in a web service?

PDFView4NET WPF & Silverlight Edition eremenko.a [Russia] 25-May-2012 08:38:15

We've got a trouble! we need links in PDF files to be supported in our app, and moreover we need to preview it executing being able to cancel one. We are using your component and it seems to have all the required events, but none of them work!(( Help, AsAp.

PDFView4NET WPF & Silverlight Edition aaron.wallin [CA, USA] 04-Apr-2012 16:45:10

I need to be able to drag and drop onto fields. Is there a simple mechanism that will allow me to detect when I am dragging something onto the PDFPageView control that the object being dragged is over a field and then drop onto that field?

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