What's New in PEERNET File Conversion Center

What's new in File Conversion Center 6.0.005

  • Fixed conversion speed and CPU usage issue with black and white images. Problem was introduced by underlying changes in architecture required for the newer operating systems. Conversion speeds are now comparable with older releases of File Conversion Center.
  • Updated the install to allow for installing under the SYSTEM account via SCCM and installer now force ALLUSERS to TRUE when installing under SYSTEM.

What's new in File Conversion Center 6.0.004

  • Fixes: For very large images that do not fit in memory software processes the images in bands. Peernet fixed a one pixel error when banded images are upside down which created a one pixel gap in between the bands when reassembled into a single image.

What's new in File Conversion Center 6.0.003

  • Fixed issue where jobs stop converting (hang) randomly on some systems, caused by some unknown Microsoft Windows update.

What's new in File Conversion Center 6.0.002


  • Fixed scaling issue when screen resolution is set higher than 96 dpi (100%, Normal).
  • Fixed application crash issue when selecting 'HomeGroup' folder in the advanced GUI.

What's new in File Conversion Center 6.0.001

  • Adds full support for Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Paper size matching was altered to match identically to how paper size matching works for all other Microsoft built printers and the printer core components are now fully 64-bit when installed on a 64-bit operating system.
  • FCC now supports Adobe PDF files that were 256-encrypted.


  • Cumulative security updates to improve stability.
  • Fixed trimming issue where top and bottom of band were not correctly trimmed. This only occurred when the image being trimmed required banding in order to process in limited memory.

What's new in File Conversion Center 5.0.004

Contains the following changes:

  • Updates for Windows security patches.
  • TIFF files created using JPEG compressed images are now HIGH Quality JPEG to match FCC 4.0 quality.
  • JPEG files are always created using Medium Quality compression to match FCC 4.0 quality.
  • Images are now scaled bi-cubic to match FCC 4.0 quality.
  • JPEG compression now set to 4:4:4 (no sub-sampling) to give best JPEG quality.
  • Fix for pinning File Conversion Center jobs to the task bar in Windows 8.x, not being pinned to the correct application.

What's new in File Conversion Center 5.0.002 and 5.0.003

  • Further improvement on how File Conversion Center detects if Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is installed.
  • Improved error messages in the log file for PDF conversion.

What's new in File Conversion Center 5.0.001

Support added for:

  • Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Adobe Acrobat and Reader XI (11.0)
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Ghostscript 9.10

Upgraded the underlying printing architecture for the File Conversion Center printer to bring it up-to-date with the current PEERNET Image printers.

Improved detection of the default programs used by File Conversion Center. If installed, these applications will be used even if a different application is set as the default program by the user.

  • Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat will be used even if the default PDF viewer is another program such as Foxit Reader
  • The Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.) will be used if OpenOffice or another Office clone is the default
  • Internet Explorer is used if Firefox, Chrome or another web browser is the default browser

Added ability to choose the Ghostscript version being used when multiple versions of Ghostscript are installed. Defaults to the latest version found on the system.

Added the ability to save the list of files that failed to convert out to a text file.

MS-DOS errors codes are now set when using the File Conversion Center command line.

Resolved the following client issues:

  • Out of memory issue when converting very large images
  • Adobe Reader 10 printing settings not getting set back to their defaults
  • Not specifying the ,a or ,o on the /L command line switch would cause invalid parameters instead of defaulting to the application preference for appending or overwriting the log file
  • Issue where a print job name generated when printing TIFF images to another printer included an extra “_tif” as part of the name.