PDF Creator Plus Features

Features of PDF Creator Plus

Integrate files of any format
PDF Creator Plus lets you combine files of different types, such as Microsoft Office documents, emails, Web pages, and Abode PDF files, into a unified document. You can also import existing PDF Creator Plus projects and BMP files into an open project.

Include bookmarks and hyperlinks
Use the Save As PDF Add-in for Microsoft Word to preserve headings, bookmarks and hyperlinks in PDF. You can edit existing hyperlinks and bookmarks, or add new ones with the Outline and Hyperlink tools.

Extensive page operations
After you print your documents to PDF Creator Plus, use the editor to rotate any page to the correct orientation. Cut, copy, paste, and reorder pages as you see fit. You can even insert blank pages; create cover pages, and insert separator pages to delineate sections from different sources.

Professional annotations
You can use the annotation tools to mark-up any page. Insert your own comments, add notes and directions, and highlight important information with graphics for emphasis.

Print and print preview
In PDF Creator Plus, you can select a printer, preview your integrated document, make layout changes and print it. You save paper and toner!

Flexible document conversion
You can convert any PDF Creator Plus project to searchable Adobe PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP and EMF formats with the easy-to-use Create options in the Task Window, and the options in the File menu. When you create PDF, you have the option to include bookmarks and hyperlinks and add security.

Page scaling
When you print from PDF Creator Plus, you have the option to enlarge or reduce pages to fit, as well as auto-rotate and center.

Keeping your integrated document
An integrated PDF Creator Plus project is not a one-time job. You can save projects for future revision. You can add new documents to a project at any time. Then create a new and revised PDF. You’ll save time!

Printer emulation
The PDF Creator Plus printer can emulate any other installed printer, thus ensuring that your document layout appears exactly as it does on paper. By simulating the other printer’s resolution and margins, PDF Creator Plus ensures that your pages have same line and page breaks as the other printer.

User-friendly application interface
Online Help and extensive product documentation guide you through the process of creating PDF and other file types.

Ease of use
With just a couple of mouse clicks, combine files from different sources into a single document. Organize the pages as you see fit, print to another printer; create PDF and other file types from your documents.