About Perfinity .NET Runtime Analyzer

An easy-to-use set of tools to investigate various kinds of runtime issues of .NET applications.

Perfinity .NET Runtime Analyzer is designed to maximize developer and tester velocity. With the provided application insights, training periods for new team members or external consultants can be reduced significantly, even for very complex software. Time-to-detect and repair root causes of software problems are shortened to a minimum. Perfinity .NET Runtime Analyzer includes the following tools: Performance Analyzer, Memory Profiler and Resource Tracker, System/Application Event Tracker and Exception Tracker.

Performance Analyzer

  • Fast instrumentation performance profiler with high accuracy.
  • Line level sampling performance profiler to pinpoint performance bottlenecks within the application.
  • Fast performance profiling with both CPU and clock time consumption information.
  • Focus feature to minimize time to find root cause of issues.
  • Timeline support to investigate performance issues over time.
  • Network- & I/O-Traffic Tracer with Data Capture.
  • Managed/unmanaged code profiling to analyze pure .NET or mixed applications.
  • Minimized snapshot file size to allow long term storage.

Memory Profiler & Resource Tracker

  • Provides memory overview to display usage by type (Managed Heap, Win32 Heap, Modules, Mapped Files, Stack etc.).
  • Displays Managed Memory usage with GC root paths and allocation stacks.
  • Tracks Win32 memory allocations to pinpoint native memory leaks.
  • Provides GDI resource tracking functionality.
  • Support to import memory dump files.

System-/Application Event-Tracker

  • Selectively traces interesting system and application event topics with line level trigger stacks and event time stamp information.
  • Tracks managed/unmanaged event activity with data capture, and error information.
  • File I/O activity including named pipes: .NET Remoting / WCF calls, performed read/write operations including the data read/written.
  • Network activity tracer: WCF calls, Database queries, Web Access with source and target endpoints.
  • Startup-Performance optimizer to analyze JIT compilations, relocations.
  • Concurrency analyzer (Threading Events with trigger stacks, Locks) to pinpoint threading usage.

Exception Tracker

  • Traces application exceptions with line level and timeline information.
  • Tracks managed & unmanaged exceptions.
  • Provides managed/unmanaged exception trigger call stacks.
  • Profiling option for efficient exception analysis.