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PFGrid for .NET is a flexible .NET TreeList and Grid component for your WinForms applications. PFGrid for .NET can be used as both a normal Grid with flat rows and as a TreeList control. Each TreeListRow has a Children-collection which can be filled dynamically or statically. The columns of the grid can be grouped in an Outlook-style by dragging the column to the groupbox and can also be sorted and moved by user-interaction or by using the API. PFGrid for .NET also offers a Drag and Drop mechanism for rows and cells. Cell editors can be defined easily by implementing the interface ITreeListCellEditor. PFGrid for .NET also includes another 3 controls: NavigationBarEx (an outlook-like navigation control with custom rendering), SplitterEx (an expandable splitter control) and Rounded Panel (a WinForms Panel with rounder corners).

The PFGrid .NET toolkit contains a Grid- and TreeList-Control, an Outlook-like NavigationBar, Metro UI/Windows 8 styles, Splitters, Panels, Buttons, Sliders, Progressbars, Multi-column ComboBox, Textbox with buttons, Reflecting image-controls and many more.


  • Grid and TreeList control
  • Metro UI Winforms control
  • Outlook-like Navigation control
  • Vista and Outlook style butons
  • Collapsible Splitters
  • Custom panels and many more

PFGrid.NET: Winforms Grid and TreeList
A fast and flexible Grid-...

Latest News

PFGrid Toolkit WinForms .NET improves Metro UI
PFGrid Toolkit WinForms .NET improves Metro UI
Version adds a Metro UI style available for Grid, Window and Tile controls.
PFGrid .NET released
PFGrid .NET released
New auto filtering, allows you to apply a filter to the corresponding grid as the user types in the filter textbox.
PFGrid .NET adds custom grouping
PFGrid .NET adds custom grouping
Version allows you to define custom groups containing rows.
PFGrid .NET adds Excel export
PFGrid .NET adds Excel export
Version also adds Office 2007 renderer, and right-to-left support.
PFGrid adds Office 2007 rendering
PFGrid adds Office 2007 rendering
PFGrid .NET V1.0.1 also adds right-to-left support and new column chooser.
PFGrid .NET now available
PFGrid .NET now available
Add a high performance, customizable and flexible grid and treelist control for your .NET WinForms applications.

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Licensing Explanation: When you buy 1 license you may use the software on your laptop computer and on your desktop computer, as long as the software is not used on the laptop and desktop computers...

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  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • 100% Managed Code