What's New in ShellRun

What's New in V3.8:

  • Sub-menus supported
  • Support "ProgramFilesDir (x86)" in file association commands, ie 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system.

What's New in V3.7:

  • Buttons now have configurable colours and font.

What's New in V3.6:

  • Playing Enhanced CDs works better in Windows Vista (File association command now supports %ProgramFiles%). Menu mode: delay before quitting - keeps Vista Windows Media Player happy

What's New in V3.5:

  • XP SP2+ Active Content option added

What's New in V3.4:

  • If retrying show after viewer installed does not work:
    • convert Install viewer button to Re-show file
    • button text set by NoViewerCmdClickRetryText parameter
    • defaults to "Click here when viewer installed"
  • Fix bug: crash on first re-show attempt after viewer install if no message
  • New icon and phdcc image

What's New in V3.3:

  • DoNotRepeat doesn't force popup to show if -nomsg set

What's New in V3.2:

  • Message -min minimize option added

What's New in V3.1:

  • Supports non-Western Unicode characters

What's New in V3.0:

  • Command button menu of options available
  • Can now run programs
  • Stops if CD ejected

What's New in V2.4:

  • New "Do not show again" option. The ShellRun window is shown the first time a CD inserted. The user can then opt not to run ShellRun the next time the CD is inserted
  • ShowTime parameter can be -1 to keep popup window on screen permanently
  • New ShowOptions parameter lets you keep popup window in front of all other windows

What's New in V2.3:

  • File showing made conditional, ie:
    • to show a specific file for each viewer version
    • to show a file dependent on whether a file exists on the user's system
    • to show a file dependent on a registry value
  • NoViewerCmd also tries to display original filename after running installer (unless NoViewerCmdClickRetryShow set to "off")
  • ShellRun displays while running installer (but disallows exit)

What's New in V2.2:

  • Play audio options added for Enhanced CDs containing music and data

What's New in V2.1:

  • Improved "HTML Results" feature

What's New in V2.04:

  • By default, failed filename not now passed as parameter to No Viewer command Instead command parameter now taken from NoViewerCmdParam, NoViewerCmdClickParam, ViewerCmdParamsN, ViewerCmdClickParamsN parameters
  • If -max specified, ensure that window is maximised
  • Delay main timer start until splash loaded

What's New in V2.02:

  • Title parameter added, this allows you to change the 'Pop-up' window title