PowerSE's advanced script editor, interactive console, integrated help and powerful debugger make developing PowerShell scripts easier than ever. PowerSE includes a full featured code editor with complete IntelliSense coverage of PowerShell, .NET and WMI.  It also comes with code completion and an intuitive color Syntax Highlighting that speeds PowerShell development. PowerSE's syntax checking instantly lets you see errors in your code and quickly jump to error lines to fix the problem.

PowerSE Features

  • Full Featured Code Editor - Complete IntelliSense coverage of PowerShell, DotNet and WMI.  Code completion and intuitive color Syntax Highlighting speed PowerShell development.  PowerSE's Syntax Checking instantly lets you see errors in your code and quickly jump to error lines to fix the problem.
  • Comprehensive Debugging Environment - PowerSE supports breakpoints, step-into, stepping functions and had the ability to view the Call Stack & Watch Variables.
  • Context Sensitive Help...

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Latest News

PowerSE improves runtime engine
PowerSE improves runtime engine
Version 2.5 also adds support for PowerShell modules that run in STA mode.
System Center Bundle now available
System Center Bundle now available
Devfarm System Center Bundle includes PowerSE, PowerWF for Operations Manager and PowerWF for Service Manager.
Devfarm joins ComponentSource
Devfarm joins ComponentSource
PowerWF Visual PowerShell and PowerSE PowerShell script editor now available.

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One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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