Presenter is a set of data visualization components for Microsoft Silverlight platform that introduces multiple data viewing capability. Presenter currently includes Data Presenter Manager, Grid Presenter, List Presenter, Icon Presenter components. Presenter functionality includes automatic synchronization, switch between views and analyze the data in different shape. Presenter is optimized for heavy data usage through its centralized data manager feature. All built-in views in Presenter are powered with Virtual Scrolling, a technology that enables each view to display large dataset without performance hit for smooth and consistent scrolling behavior. In addition, Presenter also introduces declarative data binding concept in Microsoft Silverlight through Intersoftpt DataSource. Presenter can also be bought as part of WebUI Studio for Silverlight and WebUI Studio Premier. Silverlight 3 compatible.

Presenter brings performance to your Silverlight-based business applications. Presenter introduces spectacular data browsing experiences with centralized data distribution concept, transforming a datasource into multiple presentations with a single click. DataPresenterManager is the central component that serves as data pool manager and handles all data fetching process and automatically distributes it to other presenter views, such as Icon Presenter, List Presenter, and others.

Presenter can...

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Presenter update released
Presenter update released
New version adds Silverlight 3 support.
One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Important - Please note that this software requires Activation and that before you can distribute this software you will need to...

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