Document Security and DRM.

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Version: v6.0 Updated: Mar 30, 2016


Please note that Protectedpdf is no longer available for sale. Please view the Vitrium Security Cloud Service as an alternative.


Protectedpdf provides organizations with a zero footprint (plug-in free) document security solution that protects any kind of PDF document and allows you to monitor document usage with real-time analytics. Research reports, eBooks, educational materials, financial reports, investment proposals, newsletters, board minutes, statements, customer records, and trade secrets, are all examples of the kind of documents that can be protected with Protectedpdf. Using 256-bit encryption technology, secured documents can be accessed by readers anywhere on any device - desktop, tablet or mobile without the end user having to download plug-ins.

Use Protectedpdf to:

  • Protect confidential or sensitive information.
  • Protect copyrights or intellectual property.
  • Protect the revenue streams generated from documents.
  • Go digital with documents while securing content.
  • Monitor the performance of your secured documents.

For businesses that require a document security or digital rights management (DRM) solution, Vitrium has 3 different editions of Protectedpdf to choose from depending on your organization’s needs:

  • Standard Edition – a cloud-based...

Latest News

Protectedpdf v6.0 adds Document Analysis
Protectedpdf v6.0 adds Document Analysis
Monitor the performance of your documents with detailed, real-time data.
Protectedpdf Document Security and DRM released
Protectedpdf Document Security and DRM released
Cloud based solution to protect your confidential, sensitive or revenue-generating PDF documents.

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