PureCM Standard

PureCM Standard is a lightweight and highly affordable solution for users looking to replace VSS or open source solutions. Transition for developers is seamless thanks to PureCM’s enhanced integration into Visual Studio and Eclipse and its cross-platform GUI client. Importers for VSS and CVS repositories preserve the full project history. Data is stored in a safe SQLite or SQL Server database, with changes applied atomically to protect its integrity. PureCM Standard is based on a client/server architecture over TCP/IP and optionally SSL/TLS, thus fully supporting distributed development. Windows Active Directory support and ACLs from repository to individual file level assure security while facilitating administration.

PureCM Standard Features
PureCM Standard is a cross platform client/server based source control solution, which is shared with PureCM Professional. On the server side, PureCM stores project data in a safe SQLite or SQL Server database for maximum security. Project data is stored in 'Repositories' that can scale to terabyte size. Administrators can manage multiple projects in a single repository to allow for code reuse, as well as creating multiple repositories to separate self-contained projects...

Latest News

PureCM 2010-2b adds permissions menu
PureCM 2010-2b adds permissions menu
New permissions menu on project items allows security updates without going to the stream.
PureCM adds 64-bit Windows installers
PureCM adds 64-bit Windows installers
2010-2 release also features background processing of automatic merge rules and Visual Studio enhancements.
PureCM improves Resolve Tool
PureCM improves Resolve Tool
2010-1e release adds undo toolbar button and other enhancements to Resolve Tool.
PureCM adds SQL Server support
PureCM adds SQL Server support
2010-1d release also offers integration with the Visual Studio progress bar.
PureCM adds Visual Studio 2010 support
PureCM adds Visual Studio 2010 support
2010-1 release also features new Projects View, dashboard for role-based notifications and SQLite database support.
PureCM patched
PureCM patched
Concurrent Users Licenses - PureCM licenses are based on the number of concurrent users accessing the server in any rolling 6 hour period. A company purchasing PureCM can freely combine the packs...

We no longer sell PureCM.com products, please visit their web site instead.

Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Sun Solaris 8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x
  • RedHat Linux 9.x
  • RedHat Linux 8.x
  • RedHat Linux 7.x
  • SUSE Linux 11
  • SUSE Linux 10.x
  • Ubuntu 10.x
  • Ubuntu 9.x
  • Ubuntu 8.x
  • MacOS 10.6
  • MacOS 10.5
  • Mac OS X