About PureCM Standard

Easy to use version control solution supporting agile development.

PureCM Standard is a lightweight and highly affordable solution for users looking to replace VSS or open source solutions. Transition for developers is seamless thanks to PureCM’s enhanced integration into Visual Studio and Eclipse and its cross-platform GUI client. Importers for VSS and CVS repositories preserve the full project history. Data is stored in a safe SQLite or SQL Server database, with changes applied atomically to protect its integrity. PureCM Standard is based on a client/server architecture over TCP/IP and optionally SSL/TLS, thus fully supporting distributed development. Windows Active Directory support and ACLs from repository to individual file level assure security while facilitating administration.

PureCM Standard Features
PureCM Standard is a cross platform client/server based source control solution, which is shared with PureCM Professional. On the server side, PureCM stores project data in a safe SQLite or SQL Server database for maximum security. Project data is stored in 'Repositories' that can scale to terabyte size. Administrators can manage multiple projects in a single repository to allow for code reuse, as well as creating multiple repositories to separate self-contained projects.

Multiple client types - Users can access project data using one of the full-featured IDE integrations for Visual Studio and Eclipse, including repository browsing and visual file and folder diffs. iIts cross-platform GUI is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris, and version control tasks can be performed in any tool supporting the MS SCC Interface. PureCM Standard also includes a command line client for task automation. Custom integration and advanced automation can be implemented using the tool's .NET and Java APIs.

Distributed development - Access to the server is based on TCP/IP, allowing any client to connect remotely to the PureCM server out of the box. PureCM also supports VPN connections and SSL/TLS encryption for added security.

Private workspaces - In PureCM, every developer works in a private workspace to isolate his work, facilitating concurrent development and enhancing quality. Using their workspace, developers can edit, checkpoint, build and test their changes locally – even when disconnected. To facilitate collaboration, developers get live checkout tracking and on-demand integration of colleagues' work.

Task-based development - PureCM uses changesets to group individual file changes that represent a task. Changesets are applied atomically and used throughout the development lifecycle. Code reviews, merges or continuous integration builds can all be based on submitted changesets.

Parallel development - PureCM facilitates parallel development by using stream-based branching. Therefore, branches are very lightweight and created instantly. Integrated branches or merged changes are automatically tracked throughout the complete project hierarchy, avoiding remerges and supporting parallel refactoring.

Build automation - PureCM offers out-of-the box integration with FinalBuilder and CruiseControl.NET to facilitate continuous integration. Custom integration can easily be implemented using the tool's .NET or Java SDK.

Security and authentication - PureCM Standard supports access control lists (ACLs) for any object stored in its database from project to file level. ACLs can be inherited throughout the repository hierarchy and defined for both user groups and individual users. Authentication is supported using Windows Domain Authentication, Linux PAM authentication, user/password or certificates.