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Generate native cross-platform business applications.

Published by Icinetic
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2012


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Radarc is a development software accelerator provided as a Microsoft Visual Studio extension package. Radarc provides a modeling and a code generation environment able to target different solution architectures and technologies. These code generators are packaged as Formulas. A Formula is a self-contained code generator implementing a complete software architecture, delivering a set of models, code generation templates and best practices to accelerate software development using the referenced technical architecture. Formulas are available for MVC5 Standalone (ASP.NET, C#), Back-End (C#), Windows Phone 8 (XAML, C#), iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java).

Radarc enabled us to work with a Domain Driven Design framework and architecture keeping a high level of productivity.

Juan Garcia, CTO, IMF

Model your domain to the right level of abstraction.
Domain Specific Languages allow you to describe your business domain discarding implementation details. Radarc empowers the communication and validation of the business requirements and, at the same time, conforms to a formal specification and documentation of the final system. Using code generation the model is transformed into code for an specific target platform and architecture. DSL enforces Separation of Concerns gathering structural...

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Radarc V4.2 released
Radarc V4.2 released
Compile Android Apps from Visual Studio.
Radarc released
Radarc released
Generate powerful and extensible architectures using the latest technologies.
Accelerate the initial development of DDD applications.
Accelerate the initial development of DDD applications.
Radarc provides a DSL and specific code generator for DDD apps.
One software license is required per developer, per year. Indie License includes: Commercial Use, App generation, Unlimited app size, Radarc & Formula Updates (1st year), Business License includes...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003

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Perfectly integrated with Visual Studio and applicable for any type of technology. This tool allows to development teams to focus on the key issues, adding value to the customer and leaving to Radarc... Read more

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