Rainbow PDF Server Based Convert v5.2 MR3 released

May 08, 2015

Updates in V5.2 MR3

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word

  • A space was shown as "." in Korean document.
  • Borders overlapped and one line was missing.
  • There was a problem with language processing and the appropriate character was not been substituted.
  • The color of the border was different from the original.
  • There was a problem with page boundary processing and some objects were missing.
  • The character in the field of table contents wasn't being output.
  • There was a problem with word wrapping processing in the layout frame and the character overlapped.
  • The output position of the line with parentheses was wrong.
  • The character in the HYPERLINK field wasn't being output.
  • Text in the nested form field was missing.
  • A crash occurred when processing the incorrect document that could not be read in Word.
  • An image that had unexpected data wasn't output.
  • The position of the apostrophe in Korea was not correct.

Conversion from Excel

  • PDF output failed. (0x2)" error while converting an print dialog.
  • Unexpected background color was shown in the cell.

Conversion from PowerPoint

  • In the converted PDF, the coloring of the table cells were completely off.

Conversion from RTF

  • Hyphenation marks were missing.

Conversion to SVG

  • There was a problem with the downsampling processing in the PNG file and the SVG display collapsed.
  • Text in horizontal writing mode was output in vertical writing.
  • An error occurred when converting an image with gradient.

Image Conversion

  • A different color was output while converting PPT to JPEG.


  • The maintenance upgrade didn’t remove old file
  • 256bit aes encryption could lead to some of the pages in the pdf being blank.