What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V5.3?

  • English dictionary updates.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Includes TX support DLLs to version 22.

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V5.2.0?

  • Fix DataGridView underline rendering with non singleline mode usage.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Includes TX support DLLs to version 21.

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V5.1.1

  • Added RapidSpellAsYouType.RemoveAllTextComponents
  • Added TX 18 support SLL

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V5.1?

  • Improved RapidSpellAsYouType startup time using asynchronous dictionary loading.
  • Users may now press ALT-<NUMBER> in RapidSpellDialog as a shortcut to change the misspelled word to item number <NUMBER> in the suggestion list.
  • Added WordChanging event to RapidSpellDialog.
  • Several small bug fixes.

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V5?

  • Sentence capitalization correction (auto or manual).
  • TX Text Control v16 support added.
  • Ignore Once added to 'as you type'.
  • Easier to use custom context menus from 3rd party control kits (use GetSuggestionContextMenuInformation, ChangeWordMenuItem_Click, IgnoreOnceMenuItem_Click, IgnoreAllMenuItem_Click, AddMenuItem_Click methods in RapidSpellAsYouType).
  • RapidSpellDialog support for DataGridView added

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V4.7?

  • Inclusion of .NET 4 built DLLs for Visual Studio 2010

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V4.6?

  • As you type support for regular .NET textboxes, RichTextBox and TextBox without subclassing. See TextBoxBase property and AddTextBoxBase method in RapidSpellAsYouType.

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V4.5?

  • Various Form properties in RapidSpellDialog implemented for Win Form user's convenience (no need to use CreateDialogView event).
  • Overhaul of TX Text Control interaction.

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V4.0?

  • User options form added, with user dictionary editor
  • Autocorrect (English / customizable) added to RapidSpellAsYouType
  • Undo function added to RapidSpellDialog
  • Dynamic add/remove of text boxes to spell checker controls
  • WPF support for RapidSpellDialog (Now available as RapidSpell WPF)
  • Simpler and more flexible UI customization
  • Global change all/ignore all
  • Ignore once implementation for coupled RapidSpellDialog & RapidSpellAsYouType
  • Tighter integration between RapidSpellDialog & RapidSpellAsYouType
  • Improved handling of programmatic text changes
  • Duplicate word detection in RapidSpellAsYouType added (already present in Dialog)
  • Sentence context shown in dialog checker

What's New in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V3.8?

  • All of our DLLs are now Authenticode signed.
  • July 2007 dictionary update included, adds 40,000 more words and word form variations.
  • TX TextControl 14 support added
  • VS 2008 toolbox support and demo projects added
  • Aspose Editor support added
  • TX TextControl support behaviour improved

Improvements in RapidSpell Desktop .NET V3.7

  • Replacement Dictionary DLLs support lower than Full Trust
  • (ClickOnce) Other non Full Trust issues ironed out, RapidSpellDialog can be used under Internet security Context
  • New .NET2 assembly version included, with ContextMenuStrip and DataGridView support added
  • Added ContextMenuDefault property to AYT text boxes to make assigning default context menus easier
  • DataGridnoneditmode display improvement (now shows underlines, optional)
  • DevExpresssupport integrated into main DLL and source code provided to make support for DevExpress controls version independent

Improvements in RapidSpell Desktop .NET v3.6

  • Visual Studio 2005 support
  • ShowSuggestionsWhenTextIsSelected added to RapidSpellAsYouType, allowing default behavior override
  • TX Text Control v12 support
  • Infragistics v5.3 support

Improvements in v3.5

  • Grids: As-you-type support added for DataGrid, Janus GridEX and Infragistics UltraGrid
  • Full support added for Janus EditBox
  • Improved suggestions
  • Additional properties of RapidSpellGUI/Form exposed through RapidSpellDialog for additional convenience
  • RapidSpellAsYouType painting in TX TextControl improved
  • New AllowAnyCase behavior property

Improvements in v3.4

  • Enhanced word parser allows sophisticated custom pattern ignoring and built-in URL and email ignoring, please see V2Parser and IgnoreURLsAndEmailAddresses properties and AddIgnorePattern(regex) method
  • In RapidSpellDialog, double clicking on a suggestion now automatically changes the text to that suggestion
  • Portuguese UI texts added, for new Portuguese dictionaries
  • New AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder method provides shortcut to as-you-type check all compatible text boxes on the Form
  • Support for new version of Infragistics controls (3.2)
  • New property AllowMixedCase sets whether words of mixed case will be reported as errors if they are not in dictionary with matching case

Improvements in v3.3

  • The RapidSpellAsYouType context menu displayed when the user right clicks on an underlined word can now be shown as part of a custom context menu. See SpellContextMenuRequest event
  • Customized GUI classes can now be used in RapidSpellDialog, allowing for easier use, especially in multiple text box environments
  • Dictionary updates

Improvements in v3.2

  • RapidSpell Dialog icon now settable
  • Spell check now detects duplicate words
  • AYTRichTextBox & AYTTextBox Controls now have optional Cut/Copy/Paste menu
  • TX TextControl support with RapidSpellDialog has been improved with the addition of an 'adapter' control TXTextControlAdapter; integration is now custom code-less
  • Addition of new RapidSpellAYTDialogCoupler control creates cohesive as-you-type and dialog checking
  • QueryTextBoxMultiline property added, so that 'not in dictionary' text box can be set to single line
  • Developer set context menu's are now shown when a user right clicks off a misspelt word
  • ShowSuggestionsContextMenu property added to RapidSpellAsYouType, enabling suggestions to be disabled
  • Dialog box is not shown (by default) if there are no errors
  • Addition of Location property in RapidSpellDialog, for setting dialog location
  • All UI text properties are now settable
  • Addition of MinimizeBox, TopLevel, MdiParent, Parent and TopMost properties
  • New events for; ignore, change and add actions in RapidSpellDialog and RapidSpellAsYouType
  • New Infragistics UltraTextEditor adapter Control makes intergration easy and code-less
  • CheckerEngine property now available in RapidSpellDialog

Improvements in v3.1

  • As You Type support for TXTextControl added
  • Smooth multi text box checking for Dialog and AsYouType
  • As you type spell checker added
  • Dialog control added for simpler usage in IDEs
  • Improved suggestions (anagram searching and split word suggestions)
  • Compound word support (for German)
  • Optional modal dialog functionality
  • Built-in UI text in English, French, German and Spanish
  • Manual text correction box spell checking (to ensure user entered correction is correct)
  • Smaller faster dictionary file format (including new version of Dict Manager)