RavenDB Releases

Released: Jun 21, 2021

Updates in v5.2.x

v5.2.4 (Build 52016)

Updated Nov 15, 2021


  • [Backup] Does not cancel running backup even if task was moved to another node.
  • [Backup] Fixed issue with restoring Snapshot backup when compare exchange values exist.
  • [Cluster] Fixed issue with Cluster might accepting commands from higher version than the current one when doing mixed version clusters.
  • [Cluster] Now properly snapshots compare exchange with expiration.
  • [Counters] Removed leading whitespace from Counter Values Change Vector...

Released: Nov 18, 2020

Updates in v5.1.x

v5.1.8 (Build 51027)

Updated May 26, 2021


  • Server
    • [Backups] Added the ability to restore a document when a collection was changed in the same incremental backup.
    • [Databases] Before deleting a database, a database path intersection is now checked with other databases.
    • [Indexes] Added support for FindIndex and FindLastIndex methods in indexes.
    • [Indexes] When updating NuGet package in an index to a newer version, restarting the server is no longer required.
    • [Indexes] Added support for...

Released: Jul 23, 2020

Updates in v5.0.x

v5.0.6 (Build 500209)

Updated Dec 1, 2020


  • Server
    • [Querying] increased performance and decreased memory usage of collection queries with where clauses for operations (e.g. patching by collection or deleting by collection).


  • Server
    • [Compression] fixed possible data corruption that could manifest when compression is used.
    • [Encryption] fixed memory leak that occurred when encryption was used.
  • Client API
    • [Querying] fixed NRE that could occur during streaming of query results.

Released: Apr 23, 2018

Updates in v4.0.3


  • Server
    • [Configuration] added 'Storage.MaxScratchBufferSizeInMb'.
    • [Restore] added ability to disable ongoing tasks after restore.
    • [Settings] the deployment package now contains "settings.default.json" instead of "settings.json" to prevent accidental overrides when updating the Server.
    • [Setup] added UNIX file permissions to cluster deployment package.
    • [Voron] stability improvements.
    • Updated to .NET Core 2.0.7.
  • Client API
    • [Conventions] added UseCompression.
    • [NuGet] added 'System.Runtime...