SQL DBA Bundle

Seven essential tools for database administration.

Published by Redgate Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2005

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Redgate SQL DBA Bundle has been retired. Redgate has now stopped selling the SQL DBA Bundle.
The SQL DBA Bundle has been replaced by the SQL Toobelt (It includes SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor, and SQL Multi Script).
If you have a license for the SQL DBA Bundle, it will still work. SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor, and SQL Multi Script remain fully supported, and if you have Support & Upgrades you...

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Redgate SQL DBA Bundle has been retired. Redgate has now stopped selling the SQL DBA Bundle.
The SQL DBA Bundle has been replaced by the SQL Toobelt (It includes SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor, and SQL Multi Script).
If you have a license for the SQL DBA Bundle, it will still work. SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor, and SQL Multi Script remain fully supported, and if you have Support & Upgrades you will still receive updates to them.

You can still renew your Support & Upgrades package, or contact sales@componentsource.com to request a quote for additional licenses for the bundle.

What's New in SQL DBA Bundle

Recent updates in SQL DBA Bundle products

SQL Prompt 7.1

These features are available in Management Studio and Visual Studio 2012 and later.

  • From the Results grid, you can now:
    • Copy results as an IN clause
    • Script results as an INSERT statement
    • Open results in Excel
  • Highlight matching objects - When you place the caret on an object in a script, SQL Prompt now highlights all usages of that object.

Suggestions improvements
SQL Prompt now offers suggestions for the following SQL Server 2016 syntax:

  • Row-level security (MSDN)
  • Dynamic data masking (MSDN)
  • Always encrypted (MSDN)
  • Stretch tables (MSDN)
  • System versioning (MSDN)
  • Query store options (MSDN)
  • JSON functions (MSDN)

The following are also now suggested:

  • Logins
  • Transactions
  • Columns from PIVOT/UNPIVOT clauses

Variables are also now suggested in more statements.

Tab history improvements

  • You can now disable tab history
  • Tab history now includes a Closed tab: If you launch Management Studio by opening a script from SQL Compare, your open tabs aren't automatically restored.

SQL Data Compare 11.5

  • SQL Data Compare now has a SHA-256 digital signature.
  • SQL Compare now connects to SQL Server 2016 RC0.

SQL Backup Pro 7.x

  • Fixes security vulnerability identified in V7.4 and 7.5.
  • Improved Windows 2012 Cluster installation support.
  • SQL Server 2012 support in the Maintenance Plan Conversion Wizard.
  • When backing up, you can use the USEQUEUEDCOPY keyword to place backup files in the transaction log copy queue providing additional retries. 
    This means that in the event of long network outages, SQL Backup will keep trying to copy the file for 24 hours.
  • Allow reading of password from a text file, as an alternative to storing it in a SQL Server Agent Job.
  • Improved upload performance for backups to Hosted Storage.
  • Changes to the Install Server Components and Upgrade Server Components wizards to facilitate installing and upgrading the server components on remote machines.
  • When backing up or restoring, you can use WITH ERASEFILES_PRIMARY and ERASEFILES_SECONDARY to manage existing backup files.
  • When restoring transaction log backups, you can use WITH DELAY to specify a minimum age for backups. This is useful if you are log shipping to a standby server, and want to maintain that server at a certain period of time behind the primary server.
  • Upload a copy of backups to a SQL Backup Pro Hosted Storage account with the backup wizards or using the COPYTO_HOSTED keyword.
  • Track the progress of uploading backups to hosted storage from the In Progress tab and cancel the upload if required.
  • View results of copying backups to hosted storage or a network location from the Activity History and Backup Properties.
  • Manage off-site backups from the SQL Backup Pro Hosted Storage website.
  • Default names for scheduled backup jobs now include information about the databases in the job.
  • Log Shipping wizard steps re-ordered and validation introduced to prevent network share and MOVETO folder being the same.
  • It is now possible to double-click anywhere on a reminder to launch the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard.
  • On step 2 of the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard, Create new database is always selected and populated by default.
  • The Jobs tab contains an additional 'Database' column to show which databases are included in each job.
  • The height of rows in the Activity History has been reduced
  • In differential or transaction log backup jobs for multiple databases, you can specify WITH FULLIFREQUIRED to take a full backup of any databases which require one before a differential or transaction log backup can be taken. This option is not available from the backup wizards.
  • Schedule a recurring restore from a full backup or set of backups that does not exist yet by specifying a folder and file name pattern to identify the latest backup each time the job runs.
  • Schedule a recurring restore from specific backup files which form a full backup or set of backups.
  • Run a database integrity check as part of a scheduled restore job.
  • Drop a database after a scheduled restore job has completed, or only if the restore and integrity check (if applicable) were successful.
  • Take a copy-only backup using the Back Up or Schedule Backup Jobs wizards.
  • Include CHECKSUM in the backup process using the Back Up or Schedule Backup Jobs wizards.
  • Create a reminder to set up backup verification using the Schedule Backup Jobs wizard.
  • Launch the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard from the Reminders tab, populated with details from the scheduled backup job, to set up backup verification.
  • View results of CHECKSUM and DBCC CHECKDB in the Activity History.
  • Various bug fixes.

What's New in SQL Monitor 5.0

  • Replaced the data retrieval algorithm for Disk avg. read time and Disk avg. write time for improved accuracy and reliability.
  • Improved interaction with the Monitored servers tree view list. Clicking the icon or the highlighted area to the left of the icon now takes you to the corresponding overview screen.
  • Added new listener statuses on the Availability group overview page, to take into account availability groups with more than one listener.
  • Improved the clarity of two Availability group database health alert messages.
  • If you copy or share the link to the Analysis Graph and the latest time shown on the graph is the present time, then when the link is opened later, the latest time shown will be the “new” present time (ie the time when the link is opened).
  • Bookmark and share Analysis Graph links.
  • Open links to the Analysis Graph in a new tab.
  • The alerts “Backup overdue” and “Log backup overdue” now take replication into account.
  • Support for monitoring availability groups, and a new availability group-specific overview screen.
  • Support for authenticating users with Active Directory and setting server-specific restrictions.
  • SQL Server 2016 support.
  • Now uses .NET Framework 4
  • Improved UI
  • When you add a cluster, SQL Monitor now monitors all standalone instances on nodes in the cluster, as well as failover cluster instances.
  • If you add new instances or nodes to a cluster that you’re already monitoring, SQL Monitor will automatically detect and monitor these additions.

SQL Doc 3.0

  • A range of new HTML documentation formatting options for greater customization.
  • New user interface with enhanced navigation.
  • Generate documentation in PDF or DOCX format.
  • Flexibility to include or exclude any section of any object from the documentation.
  • Document new SQL Server features: sequences, file tables, columnstore indexes, etc.
  • Document database-level properties, eg recovery model.
  • Override project settings from the command line to provide more flexible automation when using your project as a template.
  • White label documentation - use your own logo and company branding.
  • Support for Windows Azure SQL Database.