About Remotely Support Platform

Remote access and support made simple.

Remotely Support Platform is a self-hosted, subscription-free, remote support solution for managing, monitoring and supporting remote computers and devices. For organizations and businesses that provide I.T. support, or who need to remotely monitor, access and manage collections of PCs, Remotely provides a cost effective solution that runs on your own server. No ongoing charges or subscriptions. Ideal for IT support companies, schools and businesses. Remotely provides remote monitoring, management and access to your remote computers, background maintenance, scripting and more.

  • Support, access, monitor and manage computers, workstations and devices within your organization or client base using your own, hosted support platform. Whether you support dozens or hundreds/thousands of computers, Remotely provides quick and easy access and monitoring.
  • Simply install the server component on a permanently available PC or server and install the client on the PCs / workstations you want to access/manage/monitor. Run the Technician Console to access those PCs.
  • Remotely provides remote monitoring, access, control, file transfer and background maintenance tasks, scripting and optional virus/malware detection. Non-obtrusive access is ideal for busy environments where user interaction and disturbance must be kept to a minimum.
  • Remote access capabilities provide KVM access to the remote computer. Quality settings automatically tune to the speed of the connection.
  • Remote monitoring constantly monitors remote computers for issues such as low drive space, high CPU usage, low memory, SMART drive errors, intermittent network/Internet connectivity, etc.
  • AV monitoring provides warnings of possible malware and directs you to take action.
  • Port forwarding / tunneling provides remote access to network services running on the remote computer from the local/technician computer. Ideal for database maintenance, etc.
  • Group monitoring provides a dashboard view of up to 50 computers at the same time, with “hover to zoom” capability. Ideal for the classroom or office where monitoring multiple screens at one time is necessary.
  • Support ticketing allows you to track issues and prompts staff to note action taken following a session with a remote computer.
  • Client accounts and billing provides for monthly standing charges per-incident and/or time spent to be invoiced. Direct Debit integration provides for invoice payments to be collected automatically (third party service – extra charges apply).

Remotely is available in 3 Editions

  • Standard
    • Remote access / support.
  • Professional
    • Remote access / support.
    • Health monitoring.
    • External database support.
    • Enhanced security.
    • Anti-malware protection.
    • Automated tasks.
    • Group monitoring.
  • Business
    • All professional features, plus....
    • Customer database.
    • Support ticketing.
    • Billing & Direct Debit integration.
    • VAT (Making Tax Digital filing).