Components for working with local webcams and IP-cameras, for transferring video via the IP network, for organizing video chats.

Published by TRichView
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2012

Prices from: $ 323.40 Version: v8.2.x Updated: Sep 13, 2021

RVMedia Releases

Released: Sep 13, 2021

Updates in v8.2


  • Adds support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria.

Released: Mar 31, 2021

Updates in v8.1


  • Added new TRVCamRecorder.VideoEncodingParameters property. Which contains the following low level properties for video encoding: GroupOfPicturesSize, MaxBFrameCount, ReferenceFrameCount.

Released: Nov 17, 2020

Updates in v8.0


  • Local (USB) web cameras:
    • New TRVWebCamProperties component, displays a dialog for editing properties of the selected local web camera.
    • Methods and properties for changing properties of local web cameras (such as brightness, contrast, etc.).
    • More camera video modes are supported in Microsoft Windows; added support for camera video modes in Linux; only supported video modes are shown.
    • User-friendly camera names in Linux.
  • TRVCamera component, color control methods are improved for all...

Released: Aug 14, 2020

Updates in 7.5.x


  • Faster data transfer in TRVCamSender, TRVCamReceiver, TRVMediaServer components, especially for large files and video frames.
  • Better sound quality in TRVMicrophone in Microsoft Windows (using two buffers allows sound fragments to be combined seamlessly).

Released: May 29, 2020

Updates in 7.4


  • Added support for Delphi and C++Builder 10.4 Sydney.

Released: Apr 2, 2020

Updates in 7.3


  • RVMedia 7.3 can now use GStreamer 1.0 to display video.
  • Optimized drawing of all visual components.


  • Fixed several bugs.

Released: Feb 4, 2020

Updates in 7.2


  • Includes new component for editing the properties of local web cameras.
  • Controls rotation and color properties of local web cameras.
  • Supports more video modes of local web cameras.
  • Improves HTTP authentication, new login dialog.

Released: Nov 9, 2019

Updates in 7.1


  • Full-screen mode for video viewers:
    • New TRVCamView.AllowFullScreen and TRVCamMultiView.AllowFullScreen properties to display full-screen buttons.
    • New TRVCamView.FullScreen and TRVCamMultiView.FullScreen properties to switch between a full-screen and a normal mode.
  • Resizing video viewers in TRVCamMultiView:
    • New ScaleViewers property.
    • New Anchors and AlignVideoViewer properties for TRVCamMultiView.Viewers.
    • New server methods:
      • SendCmdToUser.
      • SendCmdToGroup.
  • Proxy configuration, new...

Released: Aug 26, 2019

Updates in 7.0


  • Adds support for FireMonkey for Windows (for Delphi and C++Builder XE6 and newer).
  • Adds support for Lazarus 2.
  • New alternative animation for camera searching.
  • Improved efficiency and stability.

Released: Dec 5, 2018

Updates in v6.1


  • Now compatible with Delphi and C++Builder 10.3 Rio.
  • Synchronizing sound and video in chats.