Components for working with local webcams and IP-cameras, for transferring video via the IP network, for organizing video chats.

Published by TRichView
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2012

Prices from: $ 323.40 Version: v8.2.x NEW Updated: Sep 13, 2021

RVMedia v6.0

Released: Sep 14, 2018

Updates in v6.0


  • Media channels
    • TRVCamSender component allows sending video and audio from multiple sources.
    • New property for TRVCamSender .ExtraMediaSources. Optional parameter (AMediaIndex, index of the media channel) is added to methods for sending commands, files and user data.
    • New parameter (AMediaIndex) is added to events of TRVCamReceiver : OnReceiveFileData , OnReceiveCmdData , OnReceiveUserData , OnDataRead . If you already used these events, you need to add this parameter in the event handlers.
    • New property IndexFrom (index of media channel) is added to TRVCamView and TRVCamMultiView.Viewers.
  • Sound
    • New component TRVAudioPlayer allows playing sound and recording it to a file. It can be linked with TRVMicrophone or TRVCamReceiver components.
    • The sound sub-system of TRVCamReceiver is rewritten, so sound is much clearer.
    • The components now support stereo sound.
  • Video recording
    • New component TRVCamRecorder for recording video and sound files. It gets audio and video data from TRVCamera , TRVMicrophone or TRVCamReceiver components.
  • Local web cameras
    • RVMedia supports more video formats (I420, NV12, IYUV, UYVY), even if corresponding decoders are not installed in the system.
  • IP cameras
    • RVMedia supports cameras having different ports for commands and RTSP video. A new property is added: TRVCamera .RTSPPort.
  • Custom video
    • Added new type of video source: DeviceType = rvdtUserData. In this mode, video frames are requested from an application in OnNewImage event.
  • Other changes in cameras
    • TRVCamera.FramePerSec is now a fractional value.
  • FFmpeg support
    • New TRVCamera .FFMpegProperty property contains sub-properties to configure FFmpeg.
    • TRVCamera .UseFFMpeg property is moved to TRVCamera.FFMpegProperty .UseFFMpeg
    • FFmpeg is used in TRVCamRecorder and TRVAudioPlayer components for video and audio recording.
    • FFmpeg versions newer than 3 are supported.
  • Microphone
    • The type of TRVMicrophone .VolumeMultiplier is changed from Byte to Double, to allow decreasing sound volume.
  • Camera viewers
    • TRVCamMultiView is now implemented not as parent window for internal TRVCamView components.
    • Since this version, it draws everything in a single window. It allows implementing DirectX and OpenGL drawing modes more efficiently.
    • New property: TRVCamView.CaptionHeight and TRVCamMultiView.CaptionHeight.
  • Other changes
    • The following events have new parameter (RemoteSessionKey): TRVCamSender.OnConnected, OnConnecting, OnDisconnect, OnConnectError , TRVCamReceiver.OnConnected, OnConnecting, OnDisconnect, OnConnectError . If you already used these events, you need to add this parameter in the event handlers.
    • All custom cursors now have 32x32, 48x48, and 64x64 versions.
    • New VideoDefaultAcceptAll, AudioDefaultAcceptAll, UserDefaultAcceptAll, FileDefaultAcceptAll, CmdDefaultAcceptAll properties of items in TRVCamReceiver .Senders collection (default values correspond to the old behavior).
    • Chinese user interface.
    • New property: TRVCamera.SmoothImage and TRVCamReceiver.SmoothImage.