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Components and controls for HTTP and HTTPS data upload and download.

HTTPBlackbox VCL consists of HTTP and HTTPS client and SSL/TLS client-side components. HTTPBlackBox package is a subset of SSLBlackbox client-only package. HTTP is a basis for World Wide Web communications. HTTP can work over plain channel or over encrypted SSL or TLS connection. Since HTTPS is built on top of SSL/TLS connection, HTTPBlackbox includes components for generic SSL/TLS transport. HTTPBlackbox is also available as part of SecureBlackbox Professional, Standard, Transports and SSLBlackbox packages.

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Latest News

HTTPBlackbox adds REST Component
HTTPBlackbox adds REST Component
New version also adds WebSockets (RFC 6455) support.
HTTPBlackbox 9.0 adds on the fly data transfer
HTTPBlackbox 9.0 adds on the fly data transfer
You can now POST or PUT data by providing it on-the-fly, rather than having to prepare the complete data stream.
Eldos VCL editions now available
Eldos VCL editions now available
Eldos SecureBlackbox products now let you add a wide range of security features to your VCL applications.

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