About SecureDELTA SDK

Create your own industrial-grade secure software updates.

SecureDELTA SDK allows you to create your own industrial grade binary diff files in your own software applications. SecureSDK comprises a set of software tools, sample source code, project and sample executable files that allows developers to write their own software applications to handle secure software updates using SecureDELTA engines.

SecureDELTA SDK creates binary diff files from two distinct files, called source and target. It also creates self extracting installers or patch files, that you may freely distribute, with no royalties to your clients, proving that a license for SecureDELTA is acquired. Once launched on your client’s machine, the installer will secure update or patch the source file and convert it into an exact replica of the target file.

SecureDELTA is a complex application that combines the creation of binary diff files with the deployment of self-extracting installers called SecureDELTA Installers. You may chose from SecurePATCH, SecureCMDLine or SecureWIZARD styles.

Blazing Fast Algorithm
Agersoftware R & D Division has optimized their delta differencing engine to offer superior performance compared to other leading competitors, when it comes to memory usage, processor time needed to create the binary diff file and diff file sizes.

.Xtreme.UI. GUI Interface
Designed and implemented with Agersoftware's technological partner Web & GUI Design division, .Xtreme.UI., SecureDELTA delivers a state of the art GUI alongside a great differencing engine.

Industrial Grade Performance
XtremeDELTA is able to create binary diff files 40 to 80% smaller than the ones created by the next leading competitor.