SecureDELTA SDK Releases

Released: Sep 22, 2020

Updates in v2.56


  • Ability to Sign SecureUPDATE Files (SecureDELTA and XtremeDELTA binary diff files).
  • Ability to Encrypt SecureUPDATE Files (BlowFish 448bit).
  • Ability to Create Signing keys (private and public key files).
  • Ability to Review SecureUPDATE files.
  • Ability to Deploy SecureUPDATE files using SecureSFX (self-extracting installers).
  • New SecureSFX types:
    • SecureCMDLine Self-Extracting Installer.
    • SecureWIZARD Self-Extracting Installer.
  • More features improved including:
    • Improved SecureSFX GUI, UX and...