SemanticMerge is a source code diff and merge tool based on language parsing designed to deal with code that has been moved and modified. Code merges are based on structure, not on location, so unlike text-based merging, positional changes are no longer an issue. All team members can freely refactor and re-arrange their code safe in the knowledge that they will be able to merge it easily with SemanticMerge.

SemanticMerge takes the stress out of merging. It has made it easier for me to merge C# code.

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Helps you keep the code clean
All team members can freely refactor and rearrange their code because they know they’ll be able to merge it easily with SemanticMerge.

Helps to better understand your code changes
It doesn’t matter if one team member refactored an entire file, while another fixed a critical bug; you’ll understand what happened when you merge with SemanticMerge.

Merges are based on structure, not location
Unlike a text-based merge, SemanticMerge parses the code and extracts the...

Latest News

SemanticMerge v2.0.135.0
SemanticMerge v2.0.135.0
Now includes PHP language support for Microsoft Windows users.
Adds support for C# 7.
Improves semantic diffs navigation, clicking on a method will automatically focus on its first difference.
SemanticMerge 2.0
SemanticMerge 2.0
Redesigned user interface is more intuitive and easier to use.
SemanticMerge released
SemanticMerge released
The diff and merge tool that understands your code.

Prices from: $ 57.82

A single SemanticMerge License is required per developer. There are two types of licenses: Perpetual: you pay once and then you can use the software forever. Perpetual pricing includes one year of...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows Vista and higher with .NET 4.5.1

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