SemanticMerge Releases

May 17, 2017

Updates in


  • The semantic diffs navigation has been improved. Clicking on a method (or any other declaration) in the 'semantic outline' panel will automatically focus its first difference. Also, the highlighting of the selected semantic difference has been improved, making clearer which word/lines have changed indeed.
  • The 'Parsing errors found' dialog is no longer shown at startup. If SemanticMerge detects parsing errors, a warning panel will be shown at the top of the tool. It will include a button...
July 11, 2016

Updates in 2.0


  • Redesigned user interface that makes it more suitable for a wider range of scenarios, not just semantic merges.
  • Uses a new 4-panel pattern used by most merge tools, which results in a much cleaner and clearer interface.
  • The 3 panels on the first row represent, the "source contributors" the "base" and the "destination" whilst the panel on the bottom contains the "result".
  • Code is decorated with "change" icons making it easy to see code that has changed, moved, been deleted or added.
  • Now...