SharpShooter Gauges.Professional Features

Features of SharpShooter Gauges.Professional

Gauges Design:

  • Easy-to-use designer allows visual creation of a gauge with the help of more simple elements, included in it in different combinations, and also to set and edit the separate properties of the primitives
  • Built-in expression language provides elements interaction and ability to assign the required gauge functionality
  • Expression Editor provides a convenient visual interface for writing expressions using all available expression language constructions and elements available for viewing and editing
  • Ability to create custom functions
  • Supportfordoublebuffering
  • Extensive package of 3D skins
  • Use of advanced GDI+ capabilities (gradient fills, alpha blending, antialiasing, etc.)
  • High-level elements such as RangedLevel, LinearLevel, Tank, ScaleTitle, ScaleMarks, Highlight, Gear considerably facilitates the process of complex gauges creation
  • Template-based model of control design, availability of the wizard, and powerful graphics editor provides the opportunity to design unique visual controls in a couple of minutes
  • Full customization of gauges and their properties
  • Ability to save newly-created custom controls, as well as control templates, to a file for further editing and reuse
  • Wide range of export options – SVG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, and Flash

 Gauges Model:

  • A rich library includes such controls as ProgressBars, Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Odometers, Thermometers, Switches, and so on
  • The layout management system allows the creation of automatic layouts of such scale elements as ticks and labels taking into account specified values, font size, etc
  • Ability to assign interactive and complex behavior to any objects without coding
  • Ability to assign different styles from collection or custom styles to the controls


  • Windows Forms applications
  • ASP.NET Web Forms applications
  • Integration with charting component allows the combination of charts and gauges in the same application for digital dashboards creation
  • Integration with SharpShooter Reports allows the creation of gauges of different types in reports

General Features:

  • The library of 100% .NET managed components written in C#
  • Compatible with the most popular .NET IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Borland C# Builder, Delphi.NET, and etc
  • Ability to use the product without an IDE
  • Detailed documentation and extended base of utilization examples
  • Easy to deploy -  copy only few DLLs to the program directory to make the application which uses SharpShooter Gauges work on a user’s machine
  • Royalty-free run-time
  • Source code and unit tests available

SharpShooter Gauges is available in the following editions:

  • SharpShooter Gauges.Win -intended for Windows Forms applications
  • SharpShooter Gauges.Web -intended for Web Forms applications
  • SharpShooter Gauges.Enterprise -designed for both Windows and Web applications
  • SharpShooter Gauges.Professional - designed for Windows and Web applications and comes with full source code. This is the perfect way for programmers to gain total control over the process of application development