ShinobiGauges for iOS transforms data sets into stunningly animated linear and radial gauges. Fully customizable look and feel means you can choose from ShinobiGauges styles or create your own branded charts. ShinobiGauges provides more than just a neat display, it maintains high levels of animation, movement and performance in the face of big data sets.

Why ShinobiGauges for iOS?

Gauges for iOS Dashboards
Save time and money building iOS dashboards with ShinobiGauges, visualize targets and performance metrics with an extensive range of features with linear and radial gauge types.

Packed with Features
ShinobiGauges have an extensive range of features which are available to both linear and radial gauge types.

  • Flexible styling, 'flat' or life-like, it's your choice.
  • Animated value changes.
  • Configurable axis.
  • Extensive documentation and example...

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Gauges for iOS Dashboards
Gauges for iOS Dashboards
Visualize targets and performance metrics with linear and radial gauges.

Prices from: $ 485.10

shinobicontrols licenses are purchased on a per-developer basis. You will need one license for every developer who will be working on the controls. There are no additional costs for distributing your...

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