SlickEdit for AIX Features

Features of SlickEdit for AIX


Code Navigation
Use Ctrl+Dot to jump from a symbol to its definition. Use Ctrl+/ to list all of the references for the current symbol and optionally jump to the first reference.

Preview Tool Window
Displays the definition of the current symbol in the editor window, allowing you to see the definition without having to open a separate buffer.

References Tool Window
Displays the list of references for a symbol. Use a single keystroke to open the References view for the current symbol, or you can type or select a symbol in the Symbol drop-down list.

Syntax Expansion
Expands common block structures (if, for, try, etc.) when the initial keyword is typed.

Surround With
Use to surround existing lines of code with a new structure (if, for, try, etc.). The existing code is automatically placed inside braces and

Reduce keystrokes by automatically completing symbols as you type.

Provides editable dynamic differencing and merging for files, directories, and source trees.

Comment Wrapping
Automatically wraps comments to the next line as you type.

Smart Line Selections
Line selections for single or multiple lines are pasted above or below the current line of code.

Line selections are automatically formatted when pasted.