Kintivo Forms for SharePoint Releases

Released: Sep 27, 2017

Updates in v5.6.8


  • Enhanced rich text editor spell checker.
  • Added number type min and max threshold setting honoring.


  • Fixed multiple choice field not saving as blank bug.

Released: Sep 21, 2017

Updates in v5.6.7


  • Added ability to select a specific product via “Add to Cart” widget.
  • Added a way to configure the auto-focus.
  • Added print button widget.
  • Added read-only mode for checkbox and boolean type fields.
  • Added ability to display time in 24 hour format.
  • Enhanced accessibility support.
  • Added integration with Kintivo Commerce via “Add to Cart” widget.


  • Fixed bug related to Advanced Settings.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to Add to Cart widget.
  • Fixed workflow not triggering for anonymous users...

Released: Apr 27, 2017

Updates in v5.6.4


  • Added proxy server support.
  • Added option to run form under current user or elevated permissions.
  • Added Signatures Widget.  Hand written signatures may be captured on your forms using the Signature Widget.


  • Fixed minor bug related to lookup column auto-suggestions.
  • Fixed auto-complete lookup control bug.
  • Fixed need to click submit twice bug.
  • Fixed display logic bug.
  • Fixed MLT column logic bug.
  • Fixed 2013 WF’s triggering twice bug.
  • Fixed bugs related to SharePoint Designer.

Released: Nov 28, 2016

Updates in v5.6.0


  • Enhanced logic to reduce time spent building out conditions.
  • Added security trimming to Site Collection dropdown.


  • Tweaked some CSS.

Released: Apr 26, 2016

Updates in 5.5.7


  • Added Geolocation Widget.


  • Fixed forms not validating filenames of attachments.
  • Fixed displaying Calculated Dates.
  • Fixed Add New Item not working for lookup auto suggest mode.

Released: Mar 16, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.5.4

  • Adds a new tab called “Miscellaneous” and the ability to capture and retain important analytics related to the form submission such as the IP Address of the person submitting the form and User Agent (browser) information.
  • Includes bug fixes related to Date/Time fields used within the Email tab and large data lookups from builds 5.5.2 and 5.5.3.

Released: Jan 14, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.5.1

  • Date fields now honor SP regional settings format.
  • Fixed bug related to conditions not being respected on fields set to “Hide” on load.

Released: Jan 8, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.5.0

  • Added encrypted field value masking.
  • Fixed button widget redirection issue.
  • Fixed external list issues.
  • Added lookup field ID value to passed URL parameters - now use Kintivo Forms as a quick search tool that offers as-you-type suggestions.

Released: Oct 27, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.4.5 (hotfix 2010 edition only)

  • Hot Fix - Fixed Display Attachments Widget for 2010 Edition (not a problem with 2013 Edition).

Released: Oct 22, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.4.5

  • Added conditional logic on radio button fields.
  • Fixed attachment links not working.