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Link and analyze Visio diagrams with Work Items captured in Team project.

Published by eDev Technologies
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2014

About SmartVisio4TFS

Link and analyze Visio diagrams with Work Items captured in Team project.

SmartVisio4TFS offers seamless integration between Microsoft Visio and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Microsoft Visio is the most widely used modeling and diagramming tool, simplifying complex information with professional diagrams. Utilize Visio as a part of your ALM strategy with the use of the SmartVisio4TFS plug-in.

SmartVisio4TFS Features

  • Visually Author TFS Work Items - Create any Work Item within Visio. Use Visio diagram pages, shapes and connectors to create a hierarchy of TFS Work Items that remain linked to elements in the Visio file.
  • Link Visio Elements with Work Items - Link Visio pages, shapes and connectors within any existing Work Items, within the associated Team Project.
  • Create Usage Scenarios and Test Cases - Auto-detect usage scenarios within Visio and publish them to TFS.
  • Visually Monitor Project Status - Instantly transform a Visio diagram into a project dashboard for monitoring progress and identifying missing requirements and roadblocks.
  • View and Update Work Item Details - Access and modify Work Item details from within Visio. All the updates are saved in Team Foundation Server.
  • Create a Hyperlink to Visio Files - This allows anyone to access the shared Visio file from the Work Item.
  • Reset Team Project Information - Disconnect the Visio diagram and reset the TFS binding information of each Visio Element (Page, Shape, and Connector).
  • Bulk Add Work Items - Create linked Work Items for several Visio Elements (Page, Shapes, and Connectors) at once.
  • Work Item Visualization - Create a Mind Map diagram of Work Items based on a TFS query in Microsoft Visio.
  • Storyboarding - Link Visio elements (Page, Shape and Connectors) with Power Point Storyboarding.