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LepideAuditor for SQL Server

Track and report all changes happening in your SQL Server environment.

Published by Lepide Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2014

About LepideAuditor for SQL Server

Track and report all changes happening in your SQL Server environment.

LepideAuditor for SQL Server (LASS) allows you to audit all SQL servers in your network from a centralized platform to get who, what, when and where information for each SQL Server change. LepideAuditor for SQL Server provides comprehensive reporting, instant alerts, centralizedarchiving and automated report generation.

SQL Server forms the core of any organization that holds a decent amount of data, be it internal or customer information. Due to this nature, the security of SQL Server and access permissions holds a very high position in the IT Admin's mind. Keeping an eye on the data and any undesired changes is very essential. Apart from this, stringent Industry and Government regulations require you to have your data archived, formatted and ready for Audits to ensure the security of consumer data.

Benefits of LepideAuditor for SQL Server

  • Ensure security of your organization's sensitive data through constant audit of any changes and permissions.
  • Sustain compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GLBA by demonstrating capability of internal control over SQL servers in the organization.
  • Save time and cost required for resources to collect bulk of log data from several SQL servers in the network and get required information.
  • Long term archiving of network-wide SQL server event logs in a central repository for forensic investigations.

LepideAuditor for SQL Server Key Features:

  • Find the four Ws - Who, What, When and Where of all SQL server changes. Gives SQL statement related to each change.
  • Dashboard - to give graphical overview of important changes and an overview of audited objects.
  • Audit - all SQL servers in the network from a single centralized platform.
  • Track - only the required Objects, Operations and Users.
  • Excellent Data filter options - to further drill down to the last needed detail.
  • Long-term archiving options - as per various Compliance standards(GLBA, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA).
  • Compliance specific reports - to answer audit questions as they are asked.
  • Real-time alerts - on all critical changes.
  • Automated report generation - and delivery to intended recipients.
  • Export and Email - reports in various formats.