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Evaluation of PDF, CDF and their inverses; summary statistics; parameter estimation; high-volume random variate generation and much more.

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SQLDistributions extends and enhances your T-SQL programming environment by adding full-featured and highly accurate SQL implementations of 28 probability distributions. For each of these distributions the following functions are available: probability density function (pdf) and its inverse; cumulative density function (cdf) & its complement; quantile (inverse cdf) and its complement; hazard function; cumulative hazard function (chf), mean; median; mode; variance; standard deviation; skewness; kurtosis; percentile; percentilerank, flags: symmetric; unimodal; discontinuous (on left or right); strictly increasing / decreasing; inverted, minimum & maximum defined values for x; minimum & maximum supported values for x; minimum & maximum values of pdf, high-performance scalar and table-valued random variate generators (to generate random numbers that are distributed as per the distribution).

Easy to Use
All TotallySQL Transact-SQL extensions are implemented using familiar programming objects within SQL (scalar and table-valued functions, aggregate functions, user-defined types, stored procedures) , keeping the syntax clean and making them as fast and easy to use as the built-in native statistics functions.  The distributions in SQLDistributions are all implemented as Types within SQL, so distributions can be instantiated and stored as single objects in tables and local variables...

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SQLDistributions released
SQLDistributions released
Evaluation of PDF, CDF and their inverses; summary statistics; parameter estimation; random variate generation and more.
For CAL-based licensing customers must purchase a license for each user who can access the product whether directly or indirectly (e.g. via a web-based application with a database back-end). There is...

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