SQLFile extends and enhances your T-SQL programming environment by exposing the full range of .NET Framework file & directory management functions - and adds the ability to directly import and export data, and to compress both binary and text data stored internally in the database. SQLFile functions include: read & write binary, text & delimited files (e.g. CSV); check for, create, move, copy & delete files & directories; encrypt & decrypt files; compress & decompress file images in the database; manage file access & audit rules; check & alter file attributes; get disk information.

SQLFile has 110+ functions and stored procedures, including:

  • Functions for importing and exporting data between databases and the file system.
  • Functions for compressing / decompressing data, converting between encodings and converting between binary, base64 and hexadecimal representations of large binary objects.
  • Functions for retrieving directory contents listings - with optional recursion.
  • Functions for file and directory path name manipulation - including generating temporary and random...

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SQLFile released
SQLFile released
External file and directory access with data import/export and compression.

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  • .NET Class
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