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The analytical capability of Excel with the raw data-crunching power of SQL Server.

Published by TotallySQL


SQLFinancials extends and enhances your T-SQL programming environment by adding 50+ powerful new financial functions and aggregates that faithfully replicate and extend all the financial analysis features available in Microsoft Excel. SQLFinancials includes: 29 functions for calculating yields, rates, coupon periods etc. for corporate and government bonds, 7 functions for calculating depreciation on various bases, 15 functions for calculating interest payments, rates, principal payments, durations, present and future values etc. for loans or investments, 3 functions for calculating internal rates of return for a series of cashflows and 2 functions for converting between dollar fractions and decimal values.

Beyond Excel
As the use of Microsoft Excel for financial analysis is so widespread, the SQLFinancial functions have been developed so that they faithfully reproduce the same results for the same set of input values in virtually all cases, enabling a smoother migration of existing spreadsheet-based systems into the more powerful, structured and manageable world of SQL Server. However there are also some improvements in the SQLFinancial functions versus their Excel counterparts:

  • The precision of...

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TotallySQL joins ComponentSource
TotallySQL joins ComponentSource
Extend and enhance your T-SQL programming environment by adding powerful functions built right into the database layer.
For CAL-based licensing customers must purchase a license for each user who can access the product whether directly or indirectly (e.g. via a web-based application with a database back-end). There is...

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