What's New in TeeChart for Java

What's New in TeeChart for Java 2016

New Features

  • FollowSeriesColor property for the Marks.
  • ROUNDRECTANGLE BarStyle for the Bar series.
  • ROUNDRECTANGLE TextShapeStyle for the Marks.
  • BubbleCloud Series. The BubbleCloud Series plots data relatively, displaying bubbles of diminishing size, spiralling outwards to represent different Series values.
  • Marks Tail property to include trailing tail from Mark to point.


  • NPE when trying clone series.
  • Some standardisation added to Swing Editors for Line, Point, Area and Bar Series.
  • Dashed lines show as solid in Android.
  • Changed event for the Calendar series.
  • FontSeriesColor for the SeriesMarks.
  • RoundRectangle BarStyle.
  • Pen Color on a Pie with ColorEach.
  • The footer title automatic position isn't correct.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Pie chart.
  • Android: com.steema.teechart.tools.CursorTool.NearestPoint must be public.
  • CandleStyle.CANDLEBAR with hidden Open and Close pens doesn't show value when High=Low.
  • Issue with sample charts.
  • Android: Zoom Bug on Android 5.1.0.
  • Paint lockup with axis autoscaling with less than 2 unique Y values.
  • Bottom Axis labels area is scaled with chart size and labels can get clipped.
  • Calling clicked method for CustomPolar class always returns zero.
  • Center Position of Annotation Tool.
  • XML serialisation fixes.
  • 3D in Histogramview does not work.
  • GUI issues in ChartEditor frame.
  • SWT Memory leak issues.
  • Cached rectangles incorrect init.
  • Almost no field is copied when cloning descendants of Series.
  • Smoothed property duplicates the series in the editor.
  • Pie lighting effect gradients.
  • Partial delete of Series points via Series.delete was not reaching all Valuelists in a multilist Series. Now Fixed.
  • Android: Crash when exporting a SeriesBand Tool.