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SuperCom is a versatile data communication library for Serial Communication, TCP/IP Communication, ISDN Communication and File transfer (Serial, ISDN, Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP) which can easily replace MSComm in just a few minutes. SuperCom offers an easy to use, flexible and portable API. The same API is used among different operating systems and hardware (Serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, ISDN, Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP). Adontec SuperCom functions provide solutions for data transmission via serial ports, dial-up connections using Modem, TCP/IP protocol or ISDN. Adontec SuperCom also provides file transfer functions supporting widely used standard protocols like ZMODEM, KERMIT, YMODEM, XMODEM, XMODEM/CRC, XMODEM-1K, ASCII. For the industrial professional special SuperCom packages include industrial protocols like 3964, RK512, AS511, LSV/2, MODBUS. SuperCom can be used in 32bit and 64bit applications.

SuperCom offers functions that can be used through different ways. SuperCom DLL API fits excellent into the Windows modularity concept, or the SuperCom ActiveX API which offers an alternative way. When using SuperCom with Microsoft .NET Framework (e.g. C#, VB Net) it offers the DLL API and ActiveX API. SuperCom .NET Class Library is contained in every SuperCom with DLL API and DUAL API.

SuperCom can be used within different development environments providing extensive API support and samples...

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SuperCom adds background connections
SuperCom adds background connections
Version 7 also features thread-safe event reporting, extended XMODEM protocol and integrated TAPI support.

Prices from: $ 489.02

One developer license is required for each developer using the software at the same time. Executables developed using SuperCom can be distributed royalty free. Run-time royalty free. Refunds are not...

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