About Tabs Studio

Organize and customize Visual Studio and SSMS document tabs.

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio add-in that organizes document tabs and cuts software development time. Tabs Studio lets you group your document tabs intelligently, and makes all tabs visible by creating multiple rows of tabs. When working on large solutions it can be frustrating finding documents that are already open. Tabs Studio lets you immediately switch to another tab with a single mouse click or a few keyboard shortcuts.

Tabs Studio Features

  • Multiple rows of tabs - Make all tabs visible in multiple rows or limit maximum number of rows and hide rarely used tabs to save screen space.
  • Tab grouping - Automatically group tabs with the same name but different extensions on one extended tab. Save screen space and keep relevant tabs close to each other.
  • Tab coloring - Set up different colors for tabs matching specified tab name, document project or path pattern.
  • Vertical tabs layout - Show tabs in a separate window and position it to the left or to the right of the code editor.
  • Title transformation - Remove path from tab name and add folder or project name only when two opened tabs have the same name.
  • Keyboard navigation - Open, close and switch tabs using customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Flexible behavior - Set up rules to automatically sort, group, order and open tabs.
  • Customizable presentation - Select close tab button visibility, tab shape, theme colors. Design your own XAML style.
  • Extensibility API - Write your own extension for Tabs Studio and Visual Studio in any .NET language leveraging open source code of existing Tabs Studio add-ins.