TEST ACE is a product for test data creation which was born in order to solve the various issues which arise when creating test data. TEST ACE helps to free engineers from the various problems involved in creating test data. TEST ACE can create test data easily, safely, and at a low cost for all engineers. It supports creating test data in various production scenarios, lowers the risk of private information leaks, reduces the costs of test data creation, and contributes to improving the quality of system testing.

TEST ACE will reduce the work hours needed for system development and prevent information leak by automatically generating high quality test data analogous to real data.

Two Ways to Create Test Data

Test data generation is possible even with an empty database.
Data generation functionality

When developing a new system or EC site, for the majority of cases, the production database is going to be empty. Even when the production database contains no data, by analyzing the database's configuration...

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Create test data to aid system testing.

Prices from: $ 4,998.00

One software license is required per database connection/machine. Term License: The Term License allows you to use the software for a specified period of time; 3 Months, 6 Months or 1 Year and...

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Operating System for Deployment
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