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Timesaver:TaxCalc ActiveX DLL

Take the pain out of payroll development.

Published by PAYEsoft
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2007

Timesaver:TaxCalc ActiveX DLL

Timesaver: TaxCalc ActiveX DLL lets you calculate UK tax and national insurance for all periods Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly and Lunar, frequencies including week 53, 54 and 56 and Supporting Tax codes and all NI categories including employee and directors with an annual or pro-rata basis; also Net 2 Gross and Gross 2 Net Calculations with national insurance Exact and Table Method.

This Binary Compatible ActiveX DLL uses the bare minimum of Visual Basic 6 runtime files, you can referenced it for any COM compatible development environment, there are only two functions you need to call, gross2net or net2gross; you pass all of your inputs into one of these functions and after its called you will receive all of your outputs, including PAYE tax and employees and employers national insurance contributions, also Cumulative carry forward figures and P11 values. Supplied is a VB...

Latest News

Timesaver:TaxCalc updated
Timesaver:TaxCalc updated
New version for 2010-11 tax year adds Windows 7 compatibility.
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. Taxcalc is valid until the 18th of May each year and is renewable two months before this expiry period.

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