What's New in TList WinForms

What's New in V2.0

Enhanced Data Entry - grid navigation while editing

  • Excel Style Navigation between Grid cells while editing
  • User may simply move from cell to cell with arrow and tab keys while remaining in Edit Mode

Type Ahead Combobox Data Entry

  • TList can now support TypeAhead selection of combobox items during Data Entry and will also filter the displayed items as user is typing

Enhanced ToolTips Support

  • Custom tooltips for each grid cell plus enhanced tool tip styles and events

Row Resizing

  • Allow end-users to resize rows by dragging on row dividers

Non Scrolling Columns

  • Columns may be frozen on the left while allowing remaining columns to horizontally scroll

3D Gridlines

  • New presentation styles - 3-D style GridLines
  • Improve visibility for display over graphic or gradient background