ToolTipsFactory for .NET

ToolTipsFactory for .NET is a set of components designed to add visually and functionally sophisticated ToolTips to Windows Forms applications. These components give application developers the possibility to add really dynamic tooltips to their applications, with single or multiline text, images or even animations as content. They also give programmers full control over size and layout of the ToolTip's background, border and behavior.

Why do applications have ToolTips?

ToolTips are a really useful invention. We all know and (in general) like these practical tiny yellow windows that pop-up whenever the mouse pointer hovers over a control in a windows application. Usually they give a hint about the function of the control (e.g. they answer questions like: "What happens if that button is hit?" or "What is this checkbox for?"). In many cases this hint is enough information for the user of an application to proceed without having...

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Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • 100% Managed Code

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Most recent positive review

paul.bowmanUnited Kingdom5 star
Why on earth would anybody want to load 18,000 records into a tooltip! Probably better to do some proper UI and design the app to use normal grids etc rather than the latest GeeWhiz component. I am... Read more

Most recent critical review

John BeattieUnited Kingdom1 star
Are these guys kidding with this thing? $240 for a trivial tooltip control? Anybody actually TEST this piece of junk? Takes longer to load than a treeview with 18,000 records. Unusable! If it loaded... Read more