What's New in ToolTipsFactory for .NET

What's new in Release 1.2

  • All ToolTipsFactory Override Layout designers now offer the possibility to load and save override settings from and to file
  • Animated gif images are now imported with their correct frame delays
  • Many rendering operations have been improved for more speed and quality
  • A useful sample application (TipEx - A tooltips based Windows Explorer) is provided in order to show what can be done with the ToolTipsFactory components in a real application
  • Full F1-help is now provided in Visual Studio

Issues addressed in Release 1.2

  • The positioning-logic for large ImageToolTips (for DefaultWidth > 400) produced strange effects in some cases. This has been fixed
  • Several minor glitches in the rendering routines have been fixed
  • The import of animated gif images in the Animation-Editor has been improved