About TreeSize

Versatile and graphical storage and disk space manager.

TreeSize lets you easily analyze your most important storage systems and directly manage and clean up your files. You can evaluate space usage with statistics and charts, create reports or search for old or duplicate files based on specific criteria, manually, or automatically according to a schedule. TreeSize can move, archive, delete, and bulk rename files across systems and much more. Organizing and cleaning up disks has never been easier.

TreeSize has been cleaning up hard drives since 1997...
Use the powerful, graphical, storage systems manager to:

  • Analyze data on any storage system.
  • Visualize the usage of storage capacities.
  • Organize and clean up storage systems efficiently.

Cross-system Disk Space Management
Scan Windows, WebDAV, and SharePoint servers, any mobile devices, Amazon S3, and Unix/Linux systems via SSH! See the size of all folders including subfolders and break it down to the file level.

Highly Customizable File Search
Search for files and folders using a number of different criteria. Archive, copy or move the found results! Check for duplicate files using a powerful duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums and easily deduplicate files using hardlinks.

Versatile Exporting and Reporting
Export scan and search results to many formats such as Excel, XML, HTML, PDF, text/CSV file, clipboard, or email. You can also easily automate the exports using command line options.

TreeSize Features

  • Many visualizations to break down disk space usage.
  • Extremely flexible file search.
  • Export reports to many different formats.
  • Break down disk space usage by file type or user.
  • Search for duplicate files (also with MD5 checksums).
  • Hierarchical tile chart.
  • SharePoint Online and other cloud storage systems supported in Windows corporate networks.
  • Linux file systems (via SSH) supported in Windows corporate networks.
  • Network drives supported in Windows corporate networks.
  • Azure Blob Storage supported in Windows corporate networks.
  • Outlook mailboxes supported in Windows corporate networks.
  • Automation options.
  • Suitable for fast ad-hoc scans.
  • Support for portable installation.
  • Support for Windows Servers.