What's New in TRICHORD

TRICHORD 1.3 New Features

  • Ability to merge Task Kanban Data - The ability to merge Task Kanban helps you manage multiple revisions of the information of Task Kanban efficiently. If you and other team members have the same cards on each TRICHORD, this merge function enables you to import the information from cards that others have updated to your cards. You always have the latest and accurate Kanban data to work on. Merge can be preceded automatically or manually.
  • New shortcut keys for Zoom-in - The shortcut keys for Zoom-in used to be the "Ctrl++" in Kanban. They no longer work and new Zoom-in shortcut keys are "Ctrl+=".
  • Show a notice message for read-only access when you access read-only workspace, you will receive a notice message says thatthe workspace is read-only.
  • Ability to edit Properties - A new menu to edit properties of Cards/Lanes has been added. You can detach the PropertyView from the screen and have it placed at a center of screen or wherever it is conveniently for you to edit.
  • Card Size - Now you can show Cards in two different sizes. You can change the card size depending on what you do. For example, by showing the "DONE" cards in small size, you will be able to make Kanban Space bigger and maximize the efficiently of the space you work on.
  • Deadline Icon for Task - The Deadline Icon used to be shown on Task Card if the status was not DONE even after it passed the deadline. In this version, the Deadline icon always shows on all Task Cards that have set deadline and the status is not DONE.
  • Default estimate time for Task - When creating a new task, it comes with "1" estimate time and "1" remaining time by default.
  • Initial Task - When you create new additional tasks after the iteration has already started, the initial task would be "false" as default.
  • Improvements on showing current Iteration area When you open Story Kanban, the screen will scroll down automatically to show you the current Iteration area without letting you scroll it by yourself.
  • Exporting WebReport - You can now export WebReport from TRICHORD install directory.